In dieser Rubrik stellt unsere Office Crew alle vierzehn Tage ihre aktuellen persönlichen Favoriten vor.

Dieses Mal die Top Ten von Jan Schmidt-Tychsen aka Tybreak

Vorherige Ausgaben und weitere Playlisten findest Du auf unserem Soundcloud Profil!


In this section our office crew publishes their current personal favorites on a biweekly basis

This time the Top Ten of Jan Schmidt-Tychsen aka Tybreak

Previous editions and further playlists are available on our soundcloud


01. Satin Jackets feat. Tailor – First Thing
02. Hotmood – All Yours (Matteo Matteini Remix)
03. Casbah 73 – Let’s Invade the Amazon (JKriv Remix)
04. Ekkah – Waiting 4 You
05. Sune – That Was Me Back Then
06. Q – The Voice Of Q (The Reflex Revision)
07. Tree Threes – Our House
08. Scruscru – Mellow Yellow
09. George Feely – Later Days
10. Oden & Fatzo & Thurman – Walk On Water